Our Purpose:  Working together to serve the Utica area community.
OFFICERS -- 2017-2018

PresidentBill Mogee
Past President:      Don Rut
Sec/Treas       Jim Swanson

First Vice President          Rod Erks
Second VIce President     Tim DeWaard
Third Vice President 

Board of Directors:       Barb Erks (2018)
Lois RIchters (2018)
Larry Rogers (2018)
Jody Wiemer (2019)
Denny Cradick (2020)
Mary Carlson (2020)
Brenda Gierhan (2020)

Membership Committee       Sandi Swanson
News Reporter      Ardee Rut
Web Page Coordinator         Ardee Rut

>>>>>NEXT MEETING<<<<<

NO December meeting

Christmas Party and
Lions Meeting
@ Byron & Jody's
Sunday, Jan. 13
6:00 p.m.

Bring your own beverage and a side dish...vegetable, salad, or dessert.

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 Proposed Projects & Budget

Construct a Christmas Scene
Christmas Baskets for needy families
Mobile Screening unit  for
Centennial, St. Paul's, and Waco Lutheran Schools (hearing and vision exams)
Teacher Appreciation Project
(Centennial and St. Paul staffs)
Work with Town towards Park Improvement
Centennial Scholastic Supper
Purchase Ride Tickets with Seward County

To each new Lions chapter in Nebraska  $25
To Centennial Milk Fund  $300
Centennial Scholarship Program  $1000
St. Paul School Milk/Juice $500
Utica Heritage Days Donation  $150
Lions Banner for Utica Ball Field  $200
To LCIF International  $50
To NLF Foundation  $50
To mobile screen unit for Centennial for 1 day and for St. Paul's 1/2 day  $200
To mobile screen unit for Waco Lutheran 1 day $150
To Noah's Leader Dog Program  $50
Camp Caleo &/or Lions Leadership Camp Sponsorships $500
Glasses for visually impaired  $500
Softball Banner  $200
Christmas Baskets $500
Teacher Recognition to Centennial and St. Paul Staffs $500
Elf Society Program $200
Food Pantry Donation  $200
After Prom Donation  $100

Concession stands for Centennial activities
Breakfasts during Utica Heritage Days
Peach & Pear Sales--June/July/August
Burger Bash at Centennial Homecoming


---Family Christmas Food Baskets will be gathered and distributed in mid-December.

---$200 donated to the Elf Society.

---Looking for community projects that we can work with and/or support.

---Continuing to purchase rider tickets for the Seward County Handibus to be used by Utica Area elderly and handicapped who can not drive.

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